We have worked for many years with major educational publishers, developing engaging and compelling digital resources for use in teaching and learning.

Designing systems that allow content to be efficiently delivered across multiple platforms has always been at the heart of this – either by converting publishers existing content into a digital format or by creating new resources that makes best use of the digital environment.

This includes development capabilities for delivery of educational resources on both smartphones and tablet devices as well as on the more traditional desktop and online environments.

As part of our strategy to understand the changing needs of education in a 21st century world, our MD Mick Landmann co-founded Digital Education Brighton (DEB) – a not for profit organisation that works with those involved in teaching and learning to help them understand and implement digital technology in what they do. Deb projects include:

  • as a regional partner to the Barefoot Computing project helping primary teachers understand the concepts and approaches of ‘Computational Thinking’ to help them teach the new primary computing curriculum
  • working with University of Sussex in the development of creative learning environments about Computer Science principles and practices
  • organising Teachmeets
  • involvement in Creative Cafes giving young people real insights into the world of work in the creative industries
  • digital exchange with the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma

This work which extends across schools, colleges, universities and other
learning spaces addresses both academic and vocational education.