The French Connection and other resources for The Keep

The Keep is the new Historical Resource Centre for East Sussex and Brighton and Hove. It opened on the 19th November 2013 and offers state of the art learning and teaching facilities. To access The Keep’s online catalogue, please visit their website on:

We have produced a new Education resource ‘The French Connection’ for The Keep. The resource was developed in both English and French using a customisation of our existing content delivery platform. It was produced for Teachers to use either online or as a desktop application, delivered on CD or as a download.

The resource is organised by Key Stages (covering 2, 3 and 4), subject (History, Geography and Citizenship) and topics. Each topic comes with background information, teaching ideas, vocabulary, further research and a table of all the resources used within the topic for ease of access.

We are now working with The Keep to develop a facility for them to put together other topic-based resource packs that can be delivered in a similar way.