Digital exhibits for Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse

In 2016 we produced audio, visual and digital media for the “Voices from the Workhouse” project at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse in Norfolk.

Our role in this project was to produce a number of video, audio and digital exhibits to be used throughout the Workhouse Museum which was undergoing a complete re-design and re-fit and also to produce an App to be used by visitors to the museum.

The audio and video production for this involved the creation of character videos and voice-overs which are projected at various points around the museum. These exhibits are activated by sensors as users move through the museum.

Other aspects of this included a “silent movie” video projection and page turning animation of a complete census of workhouse residents.

The digital production involved creation of an iPad App that visitors hire at the main. They can use the App either as they move through the rooms or while taking enjoying the outdoor areas. The main interface centres around a map of the museum and visitors can simply tap to “visit” a room.

Within each room are a number of “pins” that enhance the visitor experience; providing further information about a feature in the room, inviting the visitor to imagine what is was like to live there, playing a game or looking at then and now images of part of the workhouse.